Preaching their sonic gospel on european venues for more than 10 years, ITHAK (for Institut Techno Harmonique d’Accordage Kosmique) distills a multilingual fusion nourished by psychedelic rock, dub, Turkish-pop, industrial music, jazz…

Founded in 2005, ITHAK revolves around the globe- trotter, composer, multi-instrumentalist Seb el Zin, surrounded by musicians raised in the world sound, aiming to imagine tomorrow’s grooves.

ITHAK draws its inspiration from all kinds of music : traditional, classical, electronic , pop from all over the globe, but also from literature: Orwell, Burroughs, surrealist poetry… From one album to the next the group reinvents itself, defies definitions and offers a free, cosmopolitan, politic and poetic journey.

Finely chiseled texts, unexpected melodies, heavy basses played on baritone saxophone and incisive drums are the key to this organic maelstrom from which emerges a new sound, unclassifiable and borderless.

SEB EL ZIN : voice, guitars, saz, keyboard
JULIEN DUB : baritone saxophone, keyboards
THOMAS BALLARINI : drums, percussions

Stéphane Gasquet (synthesizers), Antoine Viard (baritone saxophone), François Sabin (baritone saxophone), Erick Borelva (drums), David “Daahood” Poirier, Augustin d’Assignies, Stéfanus Vivens (keyboards).

«The migrations phenomenon is a revealing fact about the present-day world. Its musical impact will probably remain as one the most significant elements of music history in the late 1900s and the early 2000s.»
Laurent Aubert, Musiques migrantes

«In Music, the hegemony of 2/4 and 4/4 beats must be overthrown. We need a new music,totally insane but life-affirming, rythmically subtle yet powerful & we need it NOW»
Hakim Bey, Communiques of the A.O.A

« I really love your crazy sounds »
John Zorn

« Very original and quite avant-garde »
Steve Hillage (Gong, System 7…)

« In my whole life as a musician, I’ve never heard anything like this !!!! ITHAK don’t imitate anybody and nobody can imitate them !!! THIS is tomorrow’s music ! Thanks guys, you exploded music’s boundaries… It’s unique »
Felix Sabal-Lecco (drummer – Prince, Jeff Beck, Peter Gabriel, Herbie Hancock…)

« Nice discovery! »
Urban Sax

« Everything is perfect: music, lyrics, visuals! »
Palo Alto

« What can we say… really creative approach with the instruments and outstanding compositions!!! »
Dispositivo Per Il Lancio Obliquo di una Sferetta

« Des rythmiques complexes tripantes, un psychedelisme savant, de la rage, du gros son, Dada, Zappa et de la prose francaise…Je vote ITHAK… »

« Forget all you know about music!! Open your ears and your senses!! Here comes a unique and new sound, a psychedelic sonic hurricane, a cosmic-oriental trip, here comes the Freejazz ElectroPunk, Here comes ITHAK!!!! »
Benoit Cholet