Tiresias evokes the Nekuia, this sacrificial ritual in which Ulysses brings up the soothsayer Tiresias from the dead, through narcotics, trances, wandering in underground labyrinths and sacrifices.

It’s the story of an ancestral, archetypal descent, of Odysseus to the kingdom of the dead. That of the Oracle towards his intuition, into inner darkness.

This concept album, alternating between industrial rock, contemporary, oriental and ancient music, orgiastic trances and psychedelia sails in waters of disturbing sensuality.
The title track, of 20 minutes, revives a 70’s space rock vibe.
The quartet invites foreign elements such as a mixed choir recalling Ligeti’s Lux Aeterna, Mediterranean instruments (Saz and Santur), and Afro-Cuban percussion on its proto-shamanic climax.

A journey where past, present and future mingle and merge.

The album release, and live creation, originally planned on may 25th, was delayed due to the Covid pandemic